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    If you have a Demo, EP, CD, or other audio project in mind, Sonic Imagery Productions can provide you with quality recordings at reasonable rates. Sonic Imagery is a mid-sized, home-based studio that operates on an Avid Pro Tools 12.7 Native System with immediate16-track analog and digital recording capabilities. Perfect for small to mid-sized projects, Sonic Imagery can accommodate single artists, duets, trios, and small quartets. Development for larger facilities are in motion and any updates regarding this will be posted via the News & Events and Facebook pages.


    Mobile services are also available for "live or "on-site" recording. All studio gear is brought out to your location of choice and setup in accordance to the live environment. Once sessions are complete all other services are performed back at Sonic Imagery Studios. For those who choose the recording package only, you will receive all files related to the sessions in whatever format you want. Be sure to check out the discounted bundled services available via the Rates page.

    "If music be the food of love, play on." - William Shakespeare
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    They say that "the Mix" is the glue that binds everything together. With that being said, it is my job to do this seamlessly. One of the first things I do involves a bit of prep work: this includes such things as renaming tracks, grouping, routing, section marking, and creating stems. This preparation creates a solid navigational template for the management of tracks and increases the efficiency of my work flow.


    So that I can exceed the highest standards for my clients, I must accomplish several things. A successful mix creates the proper balance and separation of each instrument in relation to each other. Artifacts not complimentary to the tracks are removed. Subtle adjustments in tone, dynamics, depth of field, and stereo width are made. These tasks are accomplished with the aid of several hardware and software components such as: meters, analysis applications, outboard gear, and plug-ins to name a few. Proper monitoring and gain staging throughout the session also helps with the clarity and cohesiveness of the mix.

    Though my main focus is always on the mix, I may make an occasional suggestion in regards to production. For example, sometimes a simple change in the song arrangement might make for a more interesting and powerful body of work. Another example would be the addition or subtraction of tracks from the mix. Regardless of any suggestions that I may make though - my clients will always have the final word. Working together, we can ensure success.

    "All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff." - Frank Zappa
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    Once the final mix is approved by the client, it's on to the mastering stage - better known as the "Spit & Polish". Once again subtle adjustments in tone, dynamics, depth, and width are made for further refinement. Reference tracks (provided by the client) help in the analysis and completion of this task. EQ matching is also a technique that can help sculpt the "sound" the client is looking for.meters

    Final levels are also addressed to make your songs competitive in the marketplace. A "loudness war" has been going on for some time now, but that doesn't warrant the sacrifice of quality and dynamics (in my humble opinion). Though standardization is in place in regards to post-production and broadcasting, it still has a way to go for the rest of us. Reference tracks can once again help by comparative analysis. Consultation with the client in regards to this matter will be made to achieve customer satisfaction.

    Whereas mixing is relational between all tracks, mastering requires proper balance between songs. Sequencing is very important; the object is a fluid continuum from start to finish. Song order can make all the difference between a customer choosing only one or two tracks to download, or buying the complete CD. This is especially important for themed or conceptual works. Last but not least, fading and pregap lengths between songs are established for smooth transitioning. Upon final approval of the client, the project is released for distribution.


    "Music in the soul can be heard by the universe." - Lao Tzu
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    Voice Overs



    The recording of voice for radio, video, narratives, presentations, and cover songs (backing/instrumental tracks).

    All dubs, mixing, and DDP image included.



    "Tones sound, and roar and storm about me until I have
    set them down in notes." - Ludwig van Beethoven
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    DDP Imaging


    DDP stands for Disc Description Protocol. It is a delivery format that ensures an error protected audio material supplied by the mastering studio and suited for CD/DVD replication. DDP was invented by Doug Carson and Doug Carson and Associates to help manufacturers have a consistent and complete description of the input media for use in the glass mastering of a CD/DVD.  DDP images can be burned to CD/DVD, or reliably transferred to replication facilities via Internet protocols such as FTP.

    Nowadays, DDP is becoming the audio industry standard for optical discs replication due to their reliability and the robust data error (if any) correction algorithms. Audio CDs on the other hand, introduce far more errors on burning and playback with less reliable error correction.

    The DDP must contain 4 parts:

    1. Audio image(s) (.DAT file(s)
    2. DDP Identifier (DDPID)
    3. DDP Stream descriptor (DDPMS)
    4. Subcode descriptor (PQDESCR)

    Further information such as: track titles, timings, and ISRC data can also be included in the imaging process.

    "If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing." - J.M. Barrie
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    Spectral Repair/Restoration


    Audio Recording and Engineering

    • Eliminate environmental noise, amp hum and equipment hiss that can ruin your recordings.
    • Fix problems like cell phone rings, clipping and audio dropouts.
    • Remove unwanted reverb and improve the quality of on-location recordings.

    Audio Post Production

    • Save time and reduce the need for cleaning up noisy, clipped and damaged dialogue.
    • Isolate and reduce troublesome background noise in real time.
    • Seamlessly match dialogue takes recorded in different environments.


    Podcasting and Broadcasting

    • Reduce unwanted noise from phone interviews and location recordings.
    • Remove signal clip and distortion from recordings.
    • Ensure loudness compliance with international broadcast standards.

    Archiving and Restoration

    • Restore old mediums such as film, vinyl and tape with precise control over each step of the process.
    • Repair phase issues and stereo imbalances that can occur during tape restoration with Azimuth Alignment controls.



    • Improve the intelligibility and clarity of vocals by removing background noise
    • Visually perform editing via Spectral Analysis.
    • Keep track of all performed tasks and export a log of your edit history.


    “Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” - Robert Fripp
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    Custom Services

    Time/Pitch Correction / Effects - Before a proper mix can even begin; issues regarding pitch or time must be resolved. In most cases the editing is light and can be done rather quickly. Other times it can be a nightmare and very time consuming depending on the level of transgression. Major issues found will be discussed with the client prior to any further work. Time/Pitch editing need not always be for correction either, but can be used as a powerful effect. I can accommodate for your needs if this should be the case.singer

    Tape Transfers - Old but treasured cassette tapes at home? We can transfer from Cassette to CD , or medium of choice, at reasonable cost.

    iTrax - These are instrument accompaniment tracks tailored to your needs. From a single cello to a full blown orchestra, moog solos to cinematic percussion, you name it, and I probably have it. So, what ever you desire - rhythms, melodies, pads, synths, or solo instruments (guitar is my specialty) ; I will give my utmost to accommodate you.

    This is a great service for songwriters that can't afford to hire studio musicians!

    SFX - Special effects for music or video production. Category examples include:

    1. Animals / Natural Elements
    2. Backgrounds / Industry Sounds
    3. Home & Office / Impacts / Weapons & Explosions
    4. Vintage Cartoon / Sports & Recreation / Vocals & Wallas
    5. Vehicles / Aircraft
    6. Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Horror
    7. Explosions / Combat / Weaponry
    8. Backgrounds / Weather
    9. Period Effects: Devices / Backgrounds / Combat
    10. Period Effects: Vehicles


    Additional Mixes - Radio (Mono Broadcast), Stems, Karaoke, Jingles, BeatTrax, Loops; if you have a creative idea, I will help make it happen.


    "Music always sounds better on Friday." - Lou Brutus
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    Pascal Kinney

    Hello, my name is Pascal Kinney and I am the founder, CEO and Chief Engineer at Sonic Imagery Productions. I am a guitarist, musician, and songwriter of over 34 years. My curiosity with music started...



    Sonic Imagery Productions is dedicated to providing exceptional service and personalized care to all it's clients.
    • "Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get"- Nelson Boswell



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