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Pascal Kinney

Hello, my name is Pascal Kinney and I am the founder, CEO and Chief Engineer at Sonic Imagery Productions. I am a guitarist, musician, and songwriter of over 35 years. My curiosity with music started at a very young age. If I wasn't plucking the few remaining strings of an old, dusty guitar found in my grandparent's attic, I would be hitting the keys of the piano at my aunt's house.

Throughout my early years I had an interest in a variety of instruments. Violin at age 6, drums at age 9, and trumpet at age 10. Singing was also something I enjoyed during my elementary and middle school years. None of these choices kept my attention for very long, though the trumpet playing did last about 3 years; probably because all my buddies played too.

It wasn't till the age of 15 that I experienced a true connection with an instrument; one that enabled me to express myself like no other. I had a friend that I worked with during the summer that played guitar and also gave lessons. A few sessions with him and I was hooked! Fortunately he provided me with a strong foundation that helped my future development in guitar and music in general.

I have always been an avid listener of all things music, and I never limited myself to just mainstream FM radio. My exposure to other genres and artists came way by reading publications such as Guitar Player Magazine. If an article peaked my interest, I would go out to the nearest record shop and make a purchase. The influence of these artists helped shape my technique and desire to pursue a wide range of musical genres.

Guitar Player Magazine
Musicians Institute

After high school (1981), I decided to enlist in the U.S. Army for 4 years so I could save up enough money to attend the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT), currently known as the Musicians Institute. My desire at that point was to become a session player and get into the music business. Unfortunately, things don't always work out as we plan so this never came into fruition. Despite the change of circumstances though, I did have the opportunity to play in a variety of bands. From blues to fusion, rock to metal, funk to country; everything was game. Those were great times indeed! Having had the opportunity to travel the world and meet the most interesting of people; finding a band was never a problem. Everyone brought their influences to the table. Great friendships were formed but eventually everyone moved on to their next duty assignment. Bands generally didn't last more than a year or two at best.

My tour of duty in Ludwigsburg Germany lasted 6 1/2 years. During this time, my interest in recording and the technology behind it increased dramatically. I was learning all I could about computers and also began recording my own compositions using a dual cassette system. I also had the opportunity to make a demo as a member of the rock band (The Take). The local studio named (Tonstudio Tucan, FRG) provided my exposure to a more elaborate recording environment than the one I had forged for myself. That demo by the way, helped us land on AFN radio which in turn gave us more exposure for paying gigs.

The Take

A year after serving in the Gulf War I decided it was time to leave military service and reestablish myself as a civilian. I had started a family and my immediate needs were for stable employment as opposed to entering the music business. My last duty station happened to be Ft. Campbell in Kentucky, so Nashville seemed liked a good place to start a new life.

Gibson USA

My first job after discharge was with Gibson U.S.A. I worked there for 5 years as a guitar adjuster in the Final Assembly Department. I was responsible for installing the hardware, checking the electronics, cutting the nut, setup, small repairs, and overall quality control. I serviced a wide variety of models averaging about 30 a day. I was also a member of the Engineering Team dispatched to solve production issues and I initiated and developed a training program for new adjusters. The best part of all this was I was able to keep my chops up and meet other musicians!

It was during the early 90's that Tascam introduced the Portastudio 424, a master cassette tape 4-Track recorder and a full-function mixer. This coupled with a Boss DR-550 MKII Drum Machine provided me with hours upon hours of recording bliss. I began using various techniques and learned to achieve great results. I created many music demos and always tried to push the barrier in accomplishing quality recordings.

The developement of computer and MIDI technology in the mid to late 90's advanced my education in recording and production within the home envirement. It was during this time that I moved on from Gibson Guitars and gained employment with the United States Postal Service.

Tascam Portastudio 424
Roland VG-88

My first PC was a DYI project that I customized specifically for use in music production. I believe I started using Cakewalk software (Pro Audio or Sonar) at this time , it was my first DAW.. My first guitar MIDI interface was the Roland VG-88 V-Guitar System that I used in conjunction with a Roland-Ready Strat. I continued to write, record and produce my own music.

In 2003 I was a member of several local worship bands playing contemporary christian music. I moved on from Cakewalk to Image-Line's FL Studio DAW.

To be continued...

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Music, when soft voices die, vibrates in the memory." - Percy Bysshe Shelley


Pascal Kinney

Hello, my name is Pascal Kinney and I am the founder, CEO and Chief Engineer at Sonic Imagery Productions. I am a guitarist, musician, and songwriter of over 34 years. My curiosity with music started...



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