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    Professional Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Studio Serving the Needs of the Global Artisan Community. Waxhaw, NC. 28173 Tel: 615.351.3234

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    Whether you are looking to record a Demo, EP, CD, or a Voice Over for a 30 second commercial spot, Sonic Imagery Productions has the solution for you. Perhaps you're a songwriter in need of accompaniment tracks for a demo? Do you need your audio tapes transferred to a digital format? Removal of background noise from a live broadcast? How about help with sound effects for a video presentation?

    Whatever the case may be, you've come to the right place! At Sonic Imagery Productions you will find a wide selection of services to help you complete your audio project.

    Please use the tabs located on the top of each page to navigate within the site. In addition to important information regarding the services I provide, you'll find a listing of my current and past clients as well as samples of my work. Pricing tables and a Project Quote Calculator can be found via the Rates tab. Your quote can be saved by you for future revision or you can submit it directly for review (a copy will be emailed to you). Guidelines for project submissions can be found within the Process tab. Preparatory steps are necessary to ensure a smooth and quick turn-around so please read through these carefully!

    Finally, don't forget to submit any questions or comments you may have via the Contact tab. Please ensure that all your contact information is included so that I may respond as quick as possible. I appreciate your interest and I look forward to working together!

  • Latest News

    The Waves Kramer HLS Channel

    An interesting use of the Helios Channel Strip at 1:25 by the world renown mix engineer, recording engineer, producer, and record label owner Andrew Scheps. Colorization by switch designation (low end) ...

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    Distressor Showdown!

    I just got the Slate Digital FG-Stress today; can't wait to to check out on my mixes!

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    EQ Placement

    This is a very subjective topic for a lot of people. I tend to use subtractive EQ before a compressor and additive EQ aftewards: ensuring proper gain staging during the process (level in = level out). ...

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